Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Didn't even bother to sit with the girlfriend on the plane. Unnecessary. After all, I'd see her for like 24/7 all week. Quite happy to spend the 4-hour flight in solitude with the iPod.

This isn't a trip for the faint-hearted. It's all about tea- the geeky conversations, tastings, day trips out of the city. The intensity will bore you to tears. We're on a fact-finding mission, a hunt for tea ware, and seeking to understand Taiwanese tea to the fullest. Didn't even turn on the tv in the room. Neither of us are interested in it since we get our news updates online, and for once, revert to reading hard copies of newspapers in the mornings on long train rides.

Didn't exactly have to do this (see photo above) all the time. Only when we've very distinct separate cravings for whatever food, drink or activity at the same time. Especially when I need salads and she doesn't like vegetables to appear on her plate. No issue about shopping. I flatly refuse to follow her to the shops unless we round by something on the way somewhere. For her shopping jaunts, she'll go alone, and I've made plans to zip into the pilates studio for deep stretches.

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