Monday, March 25, 2013

Caffe Libero (咖啡小自由)

We imbibe a lot of tea, and still the body screams out for coffee every other day. It's not the caffeine I crave. It's that one shot of bitterness in an espresso, those flavors I require. If I can't even get chilli sauce at McD's, then I'll find a cup of strong coffee in a little indie cafe somewhere. (Not even hoping for sambal-anything.)  At the most desperate hour, I still reject Starbucks. Hurhurhur.

One such stop was at Caffe Libero (咖啡小自由) + Red on Tree Pâtisserie. In town, yet situated in a quieter stretch, it's in one of those older Taiwanese-style shophouses that prefers you not to throw toilet paper into the toilet bowl. I'm not kidding! But it's a beautiful little place divided into three sitting areas, the coffee area, the patisserie, and the bar.

It's an ideal place for a sugar fix for the girlfriend. She needs her macarons and cakes. I decided to try the lemon tart, which was nicely sour. Tangy! Wheeeeee! Importantly, they roast their own coffee beans. The shot of macchiato was so good. Quite happy to come back another evening. They've got a selection of decent Japanese whisky and Scotch. :)

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