Sunday, March 24, 2013

First Stop, Muji

Taipei weather is promising to be exactly like London's, except that bit warmer. No bright sunshine for sure. Grey, rainy and perhaps just that bit romantic. Early spring, but not that cold. 19°C thereabouts. Great weather. Works fine for me in boots, jeans and a tee. It gets colder if we're out in the suburbs and up on the mountains.

First thing we did was to zoom to the Muji store to check out the spring arrivals. Didn't plan to go there, but we came across it while looking for dinner that wasn't at a night market, and held food that didn't contain pork or beef, and that wasn't rice or noodles. (This partner loves pork, but I can't deal with it.) We can shop at home, but there rarely is time allocated to do that. So we end up taking a look when out of town. Love Muji. Love the color palette.

It's just very odd that people are bundled up on the streets of Taipei. There's windchill, but not too bad. It's like...air-conditioning! Completely puzzled by the prevalence of down jackets. I'm not freezing. Windbreakers work perfectly, but I guess sweaters are great now for layering. I favor darker colors; the girlfriend likes the lighter pinks and greys. We found a couple of light sweaters, bought, kept two and wore the third. :)

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