Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Work Is Not Tedious

It's been a gorgeous time at work these few weeks. Not just the chats with the friends, acquaintances and strangers. All of whom we hope have left our tea table as guests armed with a deeper understanding of pure (or base) teas. All the brainstorming, the logistics, the pop-up for tea tastings that actually came to fruition over a random chat and a few more meets. More to come.

My partner and I know what are daydreams, and what are possible realities. Glad that we can differentiate between them, and know each other well enough to meticulously work out everything. Pekoe & Imp wouldn't have happened if we don't share similar work ethics or fundamental values when it comes to financial, administrative and big-picture management. There's this indescribable sense of fulfillment in seeing an idea turn into a concrete project.

Now, we're taking a break in Taipei (yes to more tea!), view chic teahouses and be inspired by new concepts. Then we begin putting into motion the plans we've been making to realize them according to schedule for the next three months, in between other projects we're separately committed to.

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