Friday, March 22, 2013

Craving ちらし寿司

Was hungry, but not starving. Insane craving for sticky rice for dinner. Didn't bother about counting carbs. That could be worked off rather easily. Also didn't particularly care if I went straight to bed after dinner. I would eat what the stomach wanted, in moderate portions, assured that the daily exercises in whichever format would keep everything (jiggly) in check.

The craving was specifically for the chirashizushi made by Chef Goh of Tatsuya. There's something about the balance of ingredients in the rice that even Chef Sasaki can't quite replicate. It's Chef Goh's version that I love. Bits of stuff and sauce stirred into the rice. Called up to make sure he was on duty for the evening, and turned up to gobble down a bowl. Totally hit a spot.

There was sake too. Just 250ml of it. Nothing heavy. Medium dry. Easy peasy. There, another form of another perfect evening with the girlfriend.

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