Thursday, March 21, 2013

Colors At Work

Totally enjoying wearing whatever I feel like to work. No strict dress code, not really. Since the current commitment to work involves a lot of human interaction and brewing of tea, even I know it's not totally cool to wear black, white and grey. That would be a rather pained image. Tea is fun! Nothing mysterious or rigid about it, really. Spots of color would be rather cheerful.

My partner has a penchant for white dresses and she looks great in them. I don't. I've like...two white dresses for whatever random occasions that might necessitate the deathly wearing of them. So I totally objected to a 'uniform' at work that involves a white dress. I fare better if we simply color coordinate.

A darling girlfriend gifted a yummilious scarf. She knows I wear them every now and then, and totally gets why I stay away from florals, loud or animal prints. She picked out one awesome gift in a perfect color combination! Apparently, she bought it online and it reached her in a surprisingly quick two days. No it's not pink. Mauve, beige, caramel even. Whatever. Okay fine, the label calls it 'rose'Not pink. So I've been finding all sorts of ways to wear it. Today, I decided that skulls matched teapots, and wore it to work. Did consider that it might not be appropriate, for all of two seconds. Then I shrugged off that thought and flounced off. I won't be that sorry if my skulls offend anybody. These skulls look friendly anyway.


Anonymous said...

Me likey your outfit!!! And those skulls of course! :) You gals look good in white the other day. For a moment, I thought you ladies deliberately agreed on the colour for the day. Hehe

imp said...

joanne: we did! i wouldn't have voluntarily worn a white dress! heh. i love the scarf!