Thursday, March 28, 2013


Oddly, I'm not bothered to eat stinky toufu on this trip. Zero cravings. Also, if I can avoid going to a night market for whatever reasons, I'll from now on avoid them. Not very fond of them.

For dunno-what reason, I keep thinking that most eateries in Taiwan would have spring onion or fried scallion noodles (蔥油面). To my immense sadness, it isn't so. It's the thick wheat noodles topped with ground pork or beef stir-fried with soybean paste (Zha Jiang Mian, 醡醬麵) that holds sway everywhere. It's a savory spring onion pancake (蔥油餅) that's quite popular.

Out for breakfast one morning, the girlfriend wolfed down an Asian burger of sorts. I gave in and decided to stuff a spring onion pancake into the stomach. Very early. Very oily, but quite tasty. Couldn't even finish a plate. That kept me full till a late lunch at 4.30pm. Hurhurhur.

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