Thursday, March 28, 2013

Calligraphy, Fail

We spent a long time at Wang De Chuan (王徳傳茶莊) tasting teas and deciding which ones we liked, and perhaps get them to use in Pekoe & Imp's tea workshops. It's a lovely modern tea shop all very welcoming in its chic neatness and well-trained staff who smiled through our many requests.

Tired of sitting down, we got up and walked around the premises, stared at its pet birds, and played with its calligraphy pen and paper. We tried to recall all the Chinese characters of the word 'hong' in its different meanings and tones. Without using the phone's dictionary, of course. Purely for fun. We can't do proper calligraphy anymore. Haven't wielded a brush for too long.

Being the Singaporeans we were, the Ippudo outlet a few doors down was duly noted, and the girlfriend insisted on having lunch there. No crazy queues on a weekday at a timing close to 3pm. Fine. Me not a fan of ramen, so clearly I don't understand the fuss over the noodles and the broth. Luckily at Ippudo, there's one item for me to munch on.


sinlady said...

Looks good from here leh :)

imp said...

it's at least legible. heh!