Friday, March 01, 2013

Gallery กาแฟดริป

Coffee in Bangkok.

Now, there's the hip-cute Dezato at Sukhumvit Soi 47 offering great sweets, fusion bites and very decent familiar coffee (with the occasional beans from the familiar Smitten Thumper), and also the hip-sports-chic errmmm...hipster Velayenn Cafe at Thonglor that doubles up as a bike shop. Spotted fixies there. But why would you want a fixed gear bike???!

Anyway, this trip, my heart belongs to Gallery Drip Coffee. You know I avoid Starbucks and hotel machines whenever possible. Gallery Drip Coffee is very conveniently located on the ground floor of Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre, with a direct link to National Stadium BTS station. I've been there, like, daily. :P It's not difficult to make one stop a day, making sure the schedule revolves around it. Coffee, does wonders to my temperament.

Love love love the little coffeeshop. Everything about it screams indie, right down to the wares (notebooks, tees, earrings, etc) on offer displayed in the most charming way. I should have just bought their t-shirts. So well-designed. Owned by Natthiti Ampriwan and his partner, the shop is all wood and warmth, the tiny space is permeated by gorgeous coffee smells.

Tried whatever Gallery Drip Coffee had to offer. Over these few days, I've been making my way down the list, skipping the tea and iced coffee. I still prefer coffee hot, even in sweltering Bangkok. Here, I discarded the usual piccolo latte, and went for coffee black, thick, no sugar. Drip coffee done so good. I want the tastebuds to fully explore the layers of each brew. Plenty of single origin beans available from familiar regions. If you want something local, something Thai, they've a fragrant, rich, and almost spicy Maechantai Peaberry from Chiang Mai.

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