Saturday, March 02, 2013


Before we knew it, the trip ended. :( Kinda an odd holiday. I needed to run errands in the city and meet a couple of other friends to sort out projects that I randomly committed to; the girlfriend was on a scheduled trip with her parents to meet her other family friends. She offered to share a room with me, and I shamelessly crashed her party. Hehehe. It wasn't too awkward since I had travelled with her folks before.

We had a ton of fun separately and together. I'm immensely glad that she did the bulk of the shopping with her mom instead of dragging me along. Wisely abandoned them when I knew that they were going to trawl the malls for like 7 hours straight. With nothing to buy, I'd have simply died along the way on the sauna-like heat rising from the pavements under the blistering sun.

Don't mind sharing room with the girlfriend at all. She's such an angel, except for the night she tried to kill me by putting the air-conditioning to 27°C at a low fan. Midway through the night, I woke up thinking that some ghost was suffocating me. I think she really deserves gold stars for being one of the rare people who can put up with me for an extended period. xxxooo.

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