Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Made Clam Chowder

The man emerged triumphant from the supermarket with bottles of clam juice and a batch of fresh clams and frozen oysters. "Clam chowder for dinner!" Hmmm. I've stayed away from shellfish for a while, not particularly sure this would be a good idea. Still, I okayed his choice of food and went to pop an antihistamine. The stock pot was hauled out and the kitchen became a hive of activity for the next hour. Didn't take that long for the pot to be merrily bubbling. Since I had no other contribution to the recipe, I simply stood over the stove and stirred continuously.

Aiiight. Something light, warm and filling. Great with crackers and bread. "Less cream and flour, please," I reminded the man. He used less than a quarter of the bottle. While some restaurants' versions are great, I'd like the home interpretation to be less thick and lighter on the cream.

Thing is, when the man cooks, it's also in sizable quantities. Tonight's pot of clam chowder held more than enough for seconds for six people. Luckily the man had factored in seeing the friends, so we could pack a 30-oz tub for them too. At the end of the evening, we're still left with a huge bowl of soup for the next day.

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