Tuesday, March 05, 2013

A Loaf Of French Apple Cake

Received a gorgeous whole Guinness-chocolate cake from a girlfriend when she decided to indulge my cravings. Gobbled it up rather fast. I rarely eat desserts outside because the girlfriends make better ones, and all sugar quota must be reserved for the good stuff. Just as the fridge emptied of the last slice of cake, we received a lovely new loaf of French Apple Cake from the friends.

Such an unexpected surprise! They must have secretly tweaked the recipes the night before, and decided to attempt again just before we hopped over to drop off empty containers of other yummy edible gifts. They literally plonked the baking tray into the oven an hour before we were scheduled to arrive. Such effort in the middle of a busy weekend for them. Little sugar, bit of rum, sweet apples that weren't mushy and still retained bit of a crunch. Mmmm.

Gifts like that, made from the heart, are the most precious, and definitely deserve more than a moment of contemplation before slicing it up to nibble with or without vanilla bean ice-cream. Had slices of the cake warmed up and straight from the fridge. Both are equally yummy.

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