Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Restaurant Ember

New residents to Singapore, the friends haven't had much time to explore the island beyond the familiar routes between the home and the office. They said, "Take us to a local interpretations of western food." I grinned. There're a few good ones around, but Ember came up because I was bouncing off ideas with the girlfriend and she suggested that. It's been a while since I last hopped in for a meal, but from all that I've heard, it seems to have kept its standards.

And it did. The friends loved the cosy space, and the unpretentious vibes. Great service as usual. The spicy sambal with bamboo clams, and the special of the day- angel hair pasta with crab meat done spicy. I love it too. Dry pasta, savory and spicy. Something that I didn't know I was craving for till the first mouthful.

Ahhh...Ember, I've missed you.

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