Saturday, March 09, 2013

Mosaic :: Grizzly Bear

Final song done acoustic- 'All We Ask'.

Thrilled that Esplanade's Mosaic Festival has come round again. So many acts I want to catch. Too little time. Tickets have been secured early, and once I knew my schedule, some tickets had to be passed on to others on the days I couldn't make 7.30pm for the shows. Can't help grinning as I spy the camera in my bag. Esplanade has learnt to stop being anal about cameras being flashed about at indie gigs, and to stop people from standing throughout or rushing to the front. There's no way they can restrict the audience this way for this genre of shows.

Started the festival with Grizzly Bear. I confess, their name caught my attention way back. When the music played, I wasn't disappointed. Multi-layered effects, complex melodies, good groove and yet comfortingly familiar. Their songs are mesmerizing on a stereo system. First time watching them live, and didn't know if they'd be boring. They weren't. Live, they sizzled in that mellow, yet groovy way. They're quite incredible on stage. Love the chemistry and those sounds that wouldn't be brought to justification out of a concert hall.

All the band members can sing, so well. It's a pleasure hearing their soaring vocals and talented fingers coax the instruments into producing indie folk tunes that are more than psychedelic pop, and often leaning towards experimental sounds. The vocal harmonies are such a treat to the ears when heard live.

Many people would have heard 'Two Weeks' (mostly because of the movie 'The Dictator'). The night ended with the expected and very beautiful acoustic 'All We Ask'. I heard what I came for- 'Knife'. Chris Taylor's backing vocals sounded even better than on a cd. Happiness.

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