Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Man Bought Presents Without Prompting

As requested, a photo of said owl.

In spite of his hectic work travel schedule, he squeezed out a couple of days to pop into Brisbane for Bob Mould and Screamfeeder. So jealous that I couldn't join him. Well, Pekoe & Imp is certainly a tad more exciting than what Brisbane has to offer for now. As much as I love the friends in Brisbane, the food and coffee, I have to stay in town these few weeks.

When the man got back, he excitedly opened up the suitcase to show me all the presents. Well, I didn't ask him to buy anything; neither was any expected, but it was a surprise still. Lovely gesture. He's always been rather sweet this way, buying surprise gifts every now and then. Love those independently crafted items from the Gallery of Modern Art. The rest are suspect. The man bought a rather silly bespectacled yellow owl dust plug for my cellphone. It tickled him to stare at the owl. I was like...seriously???! He was giggling like a little boy when he insisted that I put it on the phone. Grrr. Beyond a protective cover in boring black, I don't really like my phone to carry colors or adornment of any sort. But fine, since he got me that, I would put it in for a bit, or so I thought. Plonk, went the owl into the earphone jack.

Sticking out in the most ungainly way, the owl irritated me quite a bit. When I finally used the phone to make voice calls, there seemed to be all sorts of problems with hearing the other party, and the other party couldn't hear me at all, and there was simply dead silence, like a mute button activated. Then, dun-dun-dun, I realized that the stupid phone thought that the dust plug was a microphone. Yes, a dust plug that's made of plastic. WTH. I had to remove the dust plug before being able to answer/make voice calls.

Now, I don't know if all dust plugs work like that, or not. But at least my silly Nokia phone doesn't take well to them. On an iPhone, it works fine. Nokia, you aren't very clever. At least his other present of an iPad cover is way more practical. No issues with that at all. It's been 24 hours, the iPad hasn't gone on strike, so it's safe to assume the cover's fine.


yAnn said...

Haha! I love how disgruntled you sound. And it's hilarious that you have to take the owl out every time you use the phone. So sweet lah, the man is!

imp said...

yann: i think i'll conveniently lose the owl in my bag very soon. heh.

kikare said...

1) why no picture of the owl?
2) do you know you can buy a dust plug that looks like a piece of pork at Taipei's Palace Musuem?

imp said...

kikare: wahhhh. Okay! For you, i go take pic of it and post it up tmrw.

Yes! I saw that! The pieces of pork and cabbage have been made into all sorts of gifts and souvenirs!

kikare said...

aaaah! so much better than i thought! too bad it's so in the way; otherwise i'd urge you to keep using it :)

imp said...

kikare: heh. the next step would be to change a phone in order to carry on using the owl.

Anonymous said...

Aww.. the Man is pretty sweet.. the iPad cover is pretty stylish! :)

Laughed that your phone thot that the owl was a mike.. DUH!

imp said...

joanne: owl's cuter than the cover tho. let's see if i can stand using it for a bit.