Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Chilling Out

Once I learnt Cereal Volume Two had been shipped, I literally stalked the mailbox. Received my copy and excitedly took it along to the bar for a flip. A welcome after-work beer. Not that it had been a stressful day, but it felt good to chug something cold after a 10-hour day in the office.

After the beers, it would be a quick meal, then I was back in front of a screen to do more for Pekoe & Imp, and other projects. Luckily I had only one beer. Otherwise I would have crashed at 10pm. Had to stay awake till midnight to get the bulk of the work done before the next day.

Not going to have much of a social life these three months. I'll live. For now, it's really satisfying to finally be peak-busy and max out the brain cells. I like being occupied. The challenges are a lot of fun.

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