Wednesday, April 10, 2013


My schedule won't be fair to any pet of mine. I also find it dicey to devote time to a pet, as much as I love the idea of having a cat. If there's such a thing, I'm not a dog person. They seem to require too much maintenance and commitment that I'm not prepared to offer. Cats are slightly less needy. Still. Not prepared to clear out the litterbox daily on a permanent basis or have them scratch out the furniture. Not hot about the idea of having to pet-proof the flat either. Therefore I don't have a pet.

What I can do, is to dote on the friends' cats. Not difficult to cat-sit/dog-sit. I do that quite often for friends when they travel. Hopping over to their homes daily isn't an issue. They do prefer this option than to board them in a pet hotel. Of course if my schedule fits, I'll happily do that.

Often, when we visit the friends, we see the pets too. Sometimes the pets are all excited about us. Generally, they can't be arsed. Like this one. She simply stared nonchalantly at me, probably wondering what this dumb human was up to.


sinlady said...

dumb human trying to make dumb chit chat :) human is dumb but nice :):)

imp said...