Sunday, April 07, 2013

Second Attempt To Watch 'The Bride Always Knocks Twice' 《她门》

Image credit: The Theatre Practice's website.

Had to give up tickets to our original date to watch The Theatre Practice's 'The Bride Always Knocks Twice' 《她门》. Tickets were bought earlier, way before the dates for the Taipei trip were fixed. The girlfriend ended up with a bad outbreak of hives and couldn't go anywhere; with nobody taking the tickets, they went to waste. But I was determined to catch it, and found another date towards the end of its run. Too bad it was the girlfriend's turn to be out of town, and she had to miss it.

Written by Jonathan Lim and Liu Xiaoyi, the play is directed by Kuo Jian Hong, who knew what type of cast she wanted on stage. The play featured eight actresses from Singapore's English and Chinese theatre circles, they beautifully displayed the wonderful cultural mix that is the unique make-up of the island, somehow communicating perfectly with one another through the different cultural customs and communities, generations and occupations. Siti Khalijah and Su Chun Ying were AWESOME in their roles!

What a thoroughly enjoyable show! I love the use of all the languages and dialects! Such a familiar happy vibe to hear them ring loud across the theatre. Fabulous dialogue. Hilarious, witty and fun-sarcastic. Sure, the play is centered on a runaway bride, but the puns referencing today's social issues and concerns tread delicately around issues of immigration and immigrants between the not-so-distant historical past prior to WWII and in this decade. Surtitles were available, but if you could understand all the languages and dialects used, the fun would be tripled.

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