Saturday, April 06, 2013

The First Of 12 Weeks

The first week of work has drawn to a close. A job that requires me to be sitting at a desk in an office for three months. I took it voluntarily. It kinda plopped into my lap on a lazy Sunday afternoon over an intentional conversation. It is something I want to do for a couple of months. A portfolio I'm interested in, and to perhaps make actual contributions to an outfit within an industry I'm still rather partial to.

The ease of settling into the office is moderately scary. The laptop, and IT stuff were brilliantly sorted within an hour of stepping into the temporary cubicle. Not even too unfamiliar with non-Macbook functions. Well, the humans will take some getting used to. But the systems and processes are ever so familiar. It's like I never left the industry. The jargon, the delicate waltz between asserting a relevant opinion and following the usual practices, needing a coffee in the morning (tea doesn't cut it), and errmmm...not bothering to be friendly.

Ah! Music. Haven't taken a sound system into the space yet. Chucked out the previous unit and haven't had a reason to buy a new one. Quite a panorama beyond the windows. Staring out has kept me entertained, among other things without a desperate need for music. Perhaps I'll just bring the iPod to work and stick in earplugs for a bit.

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