Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Naked Finn

Had a craving for grilled seafood with little oil, and Asian spices. Rounded up the friends, popped an antihistamine and hopped over to The Naked Finn for dinner. In the mood to up the cholesterol levels and quaff a couple of cocktails. The fruity cocktails are a good combination to the seafood. While waiting for the rest of the humans to appear, the man and I each had three glasses. Mmm.

We love the way the kitchen does the grill. The flavors are kept light and appetizing. Love how the food doesn't soak in a puddle of oil. The chilled vermicelli could be spicier, but one can always add sambal belachan to it. The shallot chilli dip and kecap manis are always such perfect condiments to the table. I like keeping the vermicelli around till the end of the meal. It goes well with the seafood in bits and pieces, balancing out all flavors.

Always, the catch of the day is quite fun. But if you've a specific craving, be nice, call up and order. I've had lots of fresh fish done whenever I can give the kitchen advance notice. Tonight, it was hasty, so barramundi it was, as per what the menu indicated.

Fleetwood Mac's new EP simply titled 'Extended Play' was out, so we were talking about it, and comparing it to the January release of the remastered album 'Rumors'.  Wasn't paying attention to what the restaurant played over the system. Some brainless stuff. As the last dish was cleared from the table, and we weren't really feeling like dessert, Blur's 'To the End' came on. The table went simultaneously went "Awwww". What a lovely way to end the night.

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