Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Experimenting & Experiments

Labor Day. Public holiday. Lots to do. Half relieved at the mid-week break, and the other half a tad annoyed because it paused work matters that couldn't move till I get back into the office. (No VPN! Errmm...not so hurrah.)

The morning was spent outdoors, of course. To move the limbs, perspire, feel the sun on the skin. To feel alive. Importantly, to iron out those kinks that always appear when I sit in an office chair for too long. Had a quick lunch. Then, there was work to be done for Pekoe & Imp, and well, for my other job.

Hosted a private workshop for the friends. Testing out teas on them. Heh. Not so much for the flavors, but for me to practise and control as many factors as possible to get the best cup out to everyone under certain conditions.

You know my Math ain't fantastic. But I needed to sort out the formula to brew tea for a finite number of humans that would total more than two. Already drafted something. After the tasting, the friends helped me out to toggle the precise figures in order to hit optimal taste for each tea. Heh. 

Besides tasting teas, for one reason or another, all of us also had separate things to do online, and all the laptops came out. Luckily the wifi hung strong and held fast. We had no problems with connection speeds. We managed to do what was necessary, all before sunset, with plenty of time to spare before we headed off for separate dinners.


D said...

impressed by the precision you go for in brewing tea. think i've never really drank a really good cup of tea brewed to its optimal taste before.

imp said...

I'm anal! but importantly, every cup of tea i've had before i got into this so seriously, is crap. bitter, burnt and not very good. so i needed to find out what's the supposedly 'right' taste of the tea. i keep reading the descriptions of sweet and fruity, but i never get that in restaurants. i get a sense of it in other people's houses when they brew for me, so am encouraged to explore more!