Sunday, May 05, 2013

Gathering At The Table

Haven't seen the friends for a while. Everyone's travel schedule is crazy! We miss them. For many of us, we value friendship above many things. Even rarer to find friends who share some of our passions and of course, a similar sense of humor, who love Fleetwood Mac ('Sad Angel' from their new EP titled 'Extended Play' is dance-cool!) as much as we love Bored Spies(Knock them out at Primavera Sound!) Also, when we've all gotten down to watching 'Sound City', we could talk about it freely.

Lovely to have a Sunday where our schedules matched for a dinner. Korean food it was. They had a craving to satisfy as well- grilled meats. I really wouldn't mind a good bibimbap. For a change, we went to Super Star K in super casual wear and slippers. So much to catch up on. Love all around.

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