Friday, May 24, 2013

Pouches Have Arrived!

Opened the letterbox, and laughed. The thickest package of the mail was wrapped in cheerful blue, soft, and marked with a customs declaration that stated "pouches". Mine. Padded organza drawstring pouches for precious teaware. She kinda thought it would be perfect for large teapots, water pots and whatever gaiwans I have. Spot on. Texted her immediately.

Promptly tried out the pouches for size and fit. Two items fit into one pouch snugly, bubble-wrap and all. Touched that the girlfriend had me in mind amidst her work schedule that's running at a crushing pace for these few weeks. I hope the unrest in her country of residence will quieten soon. It's disturbing to see the parallels of social issues in so many cities across the world, ripping apart stereotypes of egalitarian peace, and issues of immigration.

There was a giant cute card that came along, tucked snugly within. It wasn't even creased upon arrival. For a non-Singaporean, she is definitely adept in the usage of 'lah' by now. The last line in the card ended with, "Hope you'll find them useful lah." Oh, definitely.

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