Saturday, May 25, 2013

We Now Own A Salad Spinner

A truckload of bemusement greeted the man's announcement of desiring a salad spinner, something in steel and acrylic of sorts that he apparently fell in love with at the store.

It wasn't totally unexpected that he wanted a salad spinner. But to want to lug one home from Seattle, that takes kitchenware addiction to another level. You can imagine how I rolled eyes at that. The man cannot be left unsupervised in a supermarket or kitchenware shop. He'll inevitably come out with things that we don't need. He also knows he is not to buy additions to the kitchen without my approval. Tsk.

I don't really care what the man is eyeing. It's probably unpractically pricey. At home, we eat lots of salads, but I don't particularly care about excess water in salads. It seems to be shaken off fine with a strainer and a bowl. I don't need chilled but bone dry leaves. Took to Twitter to tsk at the man. The friends who are on Twitter, tweeted back about the awesome-ness of a salad spinner. The friends who aren't on the platform but stalk it, whatsapp-ed to exhort about the limitations of not having such a device. HMMMMMPPPH.

Luckily for him, kind friends offered their salad spinner to us for a trial. I think they know that if they don't offer, the poor man won't ever get a salad spinner at all.  Collected it today, giggled at it, and accepted it with thanks. Any salad spinner that does the job will be fine. This is a pretty baby blue version in sturdy plastic. Spins great! It'll do perfectly. Well, it'll stay in our kitchen for a long while, since they're going to be moving away from Singapore for a couple of years. At least he's got a nifty salad spinner for the now to play with. Salad is on the menu tonight, of course.


Cavalock said...

Now all you need is a Happy Call pan to go with it! I haven't touched mine in ages....;)

imp said...

Ahahahah. He has wondered about that last year. I veto-ed it vehemently. That pan is useless to us! We've got like...100 pots and pans in the kitchen cabinets. Not kidding. At least 100 of all shapes and sizes and weight. He's not to buy any more pans/pots unless it's to replace another.