Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Swiss Rolls, Local Style

First time I've had swiss rolls from Rich & Good Cake Shop. It's been around for what must be close to two decades now. Heard about it, but never bothered to get any, especially when the family doesn't eat them either. The colleague bought two boxes and at tea, generously shared her portions with the team. There were flavors of kaya and strawberry.

Most colleagues unanimously voted for the kaya to be the better one, and the best out of all flavors they had tried. Apparently the shop also offers chocolate, durian, mango, orange, and other fun flavors. I simply listened.

Requested for an extra thin slice just to taste. It was kinda light and not as sugary as expected. Still, I'm not fond of confectionery, sweets and the like, and don't appreciate kaya, so I don't understand the fuss behind the popular cake shop. Except its charming old-schoolness.

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