Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We'd Rather Cook You A Meal

Repeated the burrito bowl for dear friends who've concluded one fulfilling chapter of their lives, and soon to embark on exciting adventures.

The man and I wanted to cook for them instead of just buying a meal somewhere. There would be plenty of opportunities to dine out anywhere. All of us would prefer something intimate, something homecooked, and casual. We'd rather seize this first opportunity than to have to wait. It so happened that the stars aligned and at short notice, they were free to pop over to our flat.

A burrito bowl wouldn't be difficult to make. Guacamole is always a winner. The meats were easily roasted and grilled. Of course the man used the salad spinner, to his heart's content. Nothing was taken from a pre-mix. Salt was sparingly used. A burrito bowl put together at home would be way more healthy than anything found at the stores.

Monty the Mammoth wanted to meet L, and was pleased as punch to have stored up weeks' worth of hugs from her. Hahaha. It's quite fun to have my friends oddly, like my stuffed animals too. Didn't realize we've known them for a while now. Time flies, indeed. Food went down well, it seemed. (Whew!) Single malt was slowly savored. Fasterly, people, be done with Europe. Have loads of fun at work. We want to hop into Bangkok with you at some point.


Larissa Lim said...

Heh! OOOH LET's :D Thanks so much for the meal it was AWESOME :D

We try and fix trip plans after we finish bar course for 2014 maybe? :)

- Larissa

imp said...

L: anytime!! xxxooo.