Friday, May 10, 2013


The man's mom wasn't in town and told me to pop in to an event on her behalf if I were so inclined. Took one look at the invitation and yawned really loudly. The event, to me, is a non-event. Chehhh. I had plans that evening which I didn't feel like rescheduling. Texted her to let her know that I would decline it and make appropriate clucking noises, so that her friends wouldn't bug me. Her exact reply, "I thought so. LOL. [insert grinning monkey emoticon] I'll tell them not to pester you." Okaaaay. o_O

So I flounced off to a dinner of steamboat. Had a craving for lobster too. Held off shellfish for a week. Time to eat some at one meal. I like the steamboat at Wah Lok. Never had bad service there. They know I like a clear soup base that's preferably not chicken or prawns. Do not like spicy hotpot at all. Dislike that mala thingy. I rather eat a ton of sliced chilli padi that doesn't numb my tongue in the way Sichuan peppers do.

Particularly picky about the steamboat partners I sit down with, and the type of food eaten at a meal of steamboat. i.e. no chicken or pork to go in there. Quite rare to gather this table, and it happened to be the only date everyone was free. I very much prefer this intimate gathering than schmoozing at an event that I don't care for on any given day.

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