Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The Porridge Pot

Totally bewildered by the colleagues' suggestion to have a simple porridge lunch in the office. They announced they would cook. They sorted out the ingredients which included a portion of fresh chicken meat. Apparently, there's a fully-equipped kitchen with an induction stove. They really cooked a pot of porridge within the hour and brought it to the office for our lunch.

The porridge contained peanuts and chicken. And instant chicken stock. Not the healthiest, clearly, especially with all that preserved stuff at the side. Didn't mind it at all. So many meals in a day. Wouldn't matter. I like salted eggs, fermented bean curd and the bittergourd. It felt very nice to sit down to a meal like that. I didn't contribute anything, except an empty stomach. Heh. The colleagues had taken great pains to tell me the date in advance, and reminded me about it because they know I pack lunch from home almost daily, and they didn't want me to waste the food.

Somebody bought hot desserts of tau suan and sweet potato soup, and another cut up really sweet oranges and mangoes. Quite a lovely little break in the middle of the day. This department is going shift to another storey, and it wouldn't be as ermm...conducive to cook, nor would they be so inclined. Am still chuckling at the thought of them doing the cooking and all in an office building. But hey, it isn't against the rules to use that kitchen, cook there, and bring over a pot of porridge that could have been just as easily tapau-ed from the hawker centre across the road. When one has been invited to eat at the same table, it's a sort of acceptance, and I know it. So I simply sat down and ate loads.


muchadoabouteating said...

I am so guilty of cooking/semi-cooking in an office building ;P glad you enjoyed. Ha ha very random but your title reminds me of the magic porridge pot. Makes me want to read the book again.

imp said...

muchadoabouteating: "Cook, little pot, cook!" You do quite clean cooking anyway. No biggie! Nothing stir-fry or whatever greasy thingies. Cook away. Makes for a palatable lunch any day.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a pretty fun working environment

imp said...

joanne: quite!