Tuesday, June 25, 2013


The girlfriend's time in Singapore is drawing to an end. By way of farewell, there've been many parties held with various groups of friends. Quite amazing how many mutual friends we share. In her time here, although she hasn't managed to try all local food, she knows many cool hangout joints, coffee, bars and all. Heh.

The last dinner of the the farewell week, was arranged at Straits Kitchen so that she could get her fix of chicken rice, chilli crab, biryani and all things exciting. What luck that the restaurant wasn't too crowded till we had to wait for food to be replenished or queue too long to get the popiah or rojak done fresh.

She has grown to love spices, and allocated a stash within her shipping allowance. We promised to send her packs and packs of pre-mixes, gravies and whatnots before her stash runs out. Now, about her love for tropical fruits, that's going to be a bit of a problem. Not so sure how we could haul it over via courier. I suppose trusty DHL would do it, as usual. She could buy them from the local supermarkets, but they would be pricey. Nothing beats a crate of juicy mangoes appearing on her doorstep. That kind of joy is unbeatable.

It was the loveliest evening. Lots of laughter and hugs all around. Promised to see her very soon. Take care! 運よく、私の親愛なる!

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