Tuesday, June 04, 2013


Everybody is involved in some project of sorts nowadays. How fun. It came to pass that the girlfriend needed to pop into IKEA to grab materials for her project. Somehow, she couldn't do that in the day, and had to go in the evening when I was done at the office. Fine. Ditched the much-needed hair appointment at the salon and dutifully appeared at the nearest IKEA.

She fed me dinner. IKEA food. Eiooowww. Anyway. I was hungry and it was convenient. Trudged the entire store with her to check out separate shelves, boxes and whatnots, and dumped suitable ones into the trolley. Filled up rather quickly. Had to buy two giant store bags to fit the purchases. Check-out was a breeze. Short queues.

Girlfriend was grinning ear-to-ear. Made a face at her. She would have to fix those shelves all by herself. Considering she's never tried it before, I hope she knows how to do it. She was confident. "It's a protoype!" She said. All good, I suppose. So long she doesn't accidentally skewer herself. This Coursera thing she's doing is incredibly demanding.

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