Thursday, June 06, 2013

Need A New Ob-Gyn

Fired my ob-gyn this morning. After a five-year relationship. Nothing pisses me off more than the holier-than-thou attitude. She won't miss me. She's got too many other patients to care about than fret about missing a couple of hundreds dollars in her accounts due to one lost customer.

Enough of her pro-family spiel, enough of "You aren't getting any younger", and the ultimate straw "You should have babies. Many babies." This is overstepping the boundaries of doctor-patient conversations. You're not my life counsellor. I'm paying you to do a job, to check on the status of my health, not advise me on life choices. Dafug. My life choices are mine. So please fuck off, thankyouverymuch.

I realized that among the not-too-big circle of friends and acquaintances, many have had not-so-pleasant experiences with their ob-gyn who apparently judge them on certain choices they make. Some ignore, some 'suffer' quietly, and some outright dumped theirs. In exasperation, I ranted to girlfriends who are practising ob-gyns, and they in turn remarked that some of their patients found them "detached" and "uncaring" for that precise attitude of non-interference in their patients' choices, and choosing to only abide by patients' wishes versus state of medical health. What. You really can't please 'em all.

On the hunt for a new ob-gyn. I hope to meet one who isn't chatty or presumptuous.



sinlady said...

i hate to tell you this, but the annoying when-you-will-have-baby question doesn't/never ends. Long after I am able, the question became how-come-you-didn't-back-then? Go die, yah?

kikare said...

ahahahaha. i go to district clinic where nobody cares about the patient's life choices.

and in this society it's just rude to pry into another person's private life like that.

D said...

do u think it's a culture in sg that people are like that? recently while waiting for my turn at a hospital, some stranger sitting near me started asking how much i'm paying. and then went to comment sg is getting v expensive. i didn't bother to answer. she then went on to ask what treatment i was seeking. i stared at her and then looked away. she didn't get it and kept asking a few more times even when i ignored her. i had no choice but to tell her off before she would bugger off. also at a nail salon, they would ask personal questions like where i live where i work etc etc one after another. and they just couldn't get it when it remained silent and would keep repeating the questions until i told them i didn't want to answer personal questions. maybe i've been away for too long, but i'm feeling v puzzled why sgreans like to get so personal with mere strangers. and they just just can't get it until being told in the face about it. and then they made me feel like i was the rude one!

imp said...

sinlady: good heavens. i swear i'll smack everyone who eventually asks me that, in about 5 years.

kikare: see. i think it's just the way society is. it's super nosy and crappy here, till i've to be doubly rude to deal with it. i.e. ignore or stare pointedly without a reply. then i get the, 'she's so unfriendly' shit. whatever.

D: Prob because i live here, so it's especially bad in SG, I feel. nobody asks me these questions in japan or korea or bangkok. i get it quite bad in SG, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing and even Taipei. I thought it's an older generation thingy, but unfortunately, it seems to be our current generation thing. Eeeeeeiii.