Thursday, June 06, 2013

Homemade Guac!

There's a Cedele and a sandwich/salad shop within a 10-minute stroll from the office. Good enough for days when I want variety at lunch. Otherwise, most days, I'm happy with whatever is packed into the lunchbox. Usually, I leave it to the maid to prep the lunchbox, instructing her to just plonk whatever leftovers into it, to save the hassle of cooking in the morning when she has a dozen other chores to fulfill. Unless it's a simple matter of boiling an egg.

Between busy weeks shuttling between timezones for numerous work trips, the man decided he wanted to prep my lunchbox for the office. He crawled out of bed at 6.30am to do it, and I didn't know that till he passed me the lunch bag. Assumed he woke up early to take a con-call. Awww. He knows how much I love guac, and how much I avoid ordering guac in Singapore because no eatery does it richly in the way I like it.

When I opened the lunchbag, a cheerful green and that lovely smell of guac wafted out. Lots of onions and tomatoes bulked up the mashed avocados. Love! Guac and quinoa work, but today, multi-grain crackers replaced the usual tortilla chips. Mmmm. Absolutely satisfying.

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