Friday, June 07, 2013

Reacquainting :: A Gin & Tonic

You know how much I fear gin. Yet I've inexplicably begun to appreciate it. Probably because the market suddenly offers many choices of artisanal gin with a switch in the mix of juniper berries versus everything else, and tonic water that isn't just crappy with quinine. A gin and tonic, has become rather welcome in bars whom I know could do a good one. Can't do more than a glass at a time, and even so, it has to be nursed over an hour.

At The Spiffy Dapper, we spied the St. George Botanivore sitting quietly on the shelf. Bullied the shitty (used with utmost affection) bartender to open the bottle for us. Had it with the range of Fever Tree tonic water. Friggin awesomeness. Bars are finally understanding that tonic water needs to up its game. I like this particular blend of botanicals in the St. George Botanivore. While unlike The Little Bird, this one works. I don't like gin that is so floral that it hits me like a ton of bricks.

The balance of gin and tonic and everything else in there, was perfect. Don't underestimate the importance of garnish. Never never never put lemon slices in it. Put a sprig of rosemary. That totally makes a difference. That one glass was my one and only drink of the night. Didn't feel like cocktails. The one glass was immensely satisfying. Absolutely thrilled with it.

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