Friday, June 28, 2013

Goodbye For Now, Office!

That was it. Last day at work in the office. Le travail est terminé. More or less. The rest of it will be completed over emails and some meetings here and there over the next three months.

I said yes to this project based on trust, interest and confidence, without questions. At the initial stage, HR was rather stunned when I told them I would take whatever reasonable remuneration offered as I trusted their benchmarking. They had expected me to set a figure or negotiate; I couldn't be bothered. To me, it's very simple, I made a promise and it would be fulfilled, regardless. It's been three happy months. Not ruling out the possibility of dipping a foot in the industry again, but only on a project basis. I'm oddly fond of the work.

Meanwhile, byeeee to a great view of the sea, green and bits of an urban skyline. It's not even July, and all of a sudden, many flags have suddenly been hung out to wave in the breeze and haze. A bit kiasu, no? Anyway, it's a timely reminder that National Day is around the corner, and really, we must learn to celebrate the Singapore spirit, however we define that to be.

The haze has given the usually stunning blue skies an off-color look. But I'm grateful for whatever we can get, well knowing that neighbors up north are hit when we're in the clear. Haizzz.  

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