Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bitch Paid

Despite my best efforts to let it go, I'm not that magnanimous. Yes, cut off the ex-tea teacher in terms of sentimental bonds, but I won't just write off the monies that are rightfully due to me. If she hasn't infuriated me by insulting my friends, the man and I, I might have ...dropped it. I sent her that parcel with my bank details. For 1.5 weeks, she still wilfully refused to move her ass to the bank. I knew that hoping wouldn't be very useful. I've a sneaky feeling that I'm not the first person she has done this to, and I won't be the last. And she must learn that this is unacceptable behavior.

I set in motion, substance behind requests (thinly-veiled-threats) to return the monies, and consolidated a hopefully-effective plan of retrieval via legal avenues. Sent off emails, messages and letters to her yesterday morning. I thought they were polite notices, if not curt. Honestly, all I wanted to write was, "Bitch, pay me, or I'll burn your shop." But that would get me arrested. So.

Within 30 minutes of receiving (and reading) the notices, she replied that she would bank in a check to my account the next day. I was almost impressed. Nothing to be said about integrity because bitch knows I'll carry out the next steps as promised, and she'll have to be dragged through a bloody legal mess. In the afternoon, within six hours from the notices, she sent me a text and an accompanying photo of the deposit slip. Cash, apparently. Finally. My bank confirmed it. Lovely. When I finally expressed focused tangible fury, she paid me within six hours. In cash. What's up with the refusal to pay for these eight months?! She's like permanently in debt, getting by with a uniquely created revolving loan system in which the 'bank' comprises a few humans. If she's as tight for money as she claims to be, then she'd have to borrow from someone else to pay this amount, or cut her staff's salary again. You know, pay whoever who screams loudest first.

Sadly, till today, she doesn't understand how and why she has offended my friends and I. She has lost more than a student who used to respect her. She has lost her reputation and goodwill within our circle too. Over a mere S$1000 and a truckload social ineptitude. The whole situation is sheer idiocy.

And at no point, did the bitch utter a single word of apology, or anything to the effect of being a tad contrite that she has inconvenienced me.


tuti said...

strange one, that.
whilst i can understand how tight money can be at times, she plain took advantage. top that with rudeness. unacceptable.

imp said...

eights months' grace I've given. if I don't turn up at the tea shop, she takes it for granted that she doesn't have to pay me. crazy woman.