Friday, June 21, 2013

"I was blue"

"Just as blue as I could be".

Don't think we've ever taken such a avid interest in regional weather patterns till last week. The only reasons I ever paid attention to them is to plan dive trips and monitor currents for dives.

The PSI took a dip from a three-hour average of 401 to 142. But that's because of a lucky little wind tunneling through the haze and the southwest monsoon that's really not in our favor. It'll be back to the now-hazy conditions soon, and frankly, I'm not sure that it'll change even with cloud-seeding if the monsoon doesn't peter off and new fires are sneakily lit the moment the ground dries.

Care for our own spheres first. Last week, we were uneasy about the persistent haze and the reports of increasing hot spots in Sumatra. We moved our contingency plans into action for the old folks. By Sunday, before the worst of the haze, we sealed their windows and moved in all portable ac units, extra fans, masks and purifiers. Other teams asked us why we were so "kancheong", "how can be so bad? 1997 only PSI 226 wat" and "sure can get extra help from government intiatives one". We thought, "Hah? Initiatives?!" That word. Well, our team happens to believe in the zombie apocalypse. Not about to stand around waiting for help when we could pre-empt and be pro-active. You know how friggin anal we are in terms of doing up Plan B, C and D. Come Wednesday, the PSI shot up way past the decade-long record. We didn't rub it in. We had extra resources, not accidental leftovers. We had planned to have extras. Shifted them over to other teams who needed them. Let me put it this way- if teams under one group are already having differing opinions, can we hope for better direction and leadership above it? By today, the answer is, clearly, no.

Not too concerned about the PSI. It's the PM2.5 that gets me and makes me put on a mask if I'm outdoors for long. And this evening, with the slight lift in level of pollutant particulates, I put on a mask and went jumping. Cabin fever already. Yes, pilates give me the perspiration I crave. But still.

Oh "blue skies, smiling at me, nothing but blue skies", I've never missed you as much. Irving Berlin's song ends with "I should care if the wind blows east or west". Using it in this context, hell, yeah.

From top down, these were taken over the course of the week from my office window, with the last photo (Fri 21 Jun) standing somewhere at the peak of a three-hour average of PSI 401. 


D said...

good foresight by your team.
take care yourself too!

sinlady said...

bravo to you and your team.

Anonymous said...

Good job by your team. What initiative by the government? There was no stop work order when the PSI was >400! I have been happily issuing MCs to outdoor workers for days too if I deem fit, much to the distress of the company nurses and safety officers.

imp said...

Take of yourselves too, and then the loved ones. Our spheres. :)