Thursday, July 18, 2013

At Spa Botanica

The girlfriend decided to take time out from her hectic work schedule and organized a session at Spa Botanica. All right. A deep tissue massage sounded good. Get those sore spots pressed, areas where a combination of pilates and swims somehow hasn't soothed. After all the trips, walking and climbing, my skin was in need of some moisturizing.

A light lunch was taken next door at The Garden. We love its menu. Eaten there a couple of times now and totally enjoy its food selections. Lots of greens, little oil, and even the bread is served with yoghurt, not butter. Oddly, we've never asked if they offer butter. Heh. 

The spa was rather empty this afternoon, save for two other people we saw in that four hours, we didn't run into anyone else. Couldn't resist a swim in the empty pool when a toe dip made us realize the water was warm after the rains. Hanging out in the jacuzzi was fun too. Not erm hot about steam rooms, but love the strong bubbles of the jacuzzi pounding at sore spots. Having an extended conversation over the bubbling, wasn't too bad. Didn't have to shout. What a peachy day out. 


Anonymous said...

The Garden looks lovely, shall add that to my list of healthy hunts!

imp said...

it makes for a good quiet meal!