Wednesday, July 17, 2013

In Vogue Again

Was unexpectedly gifted a lovely handmade brooch. In pink! Heart-shaped! Heh. Its maker thought it would come in handy for next year's Pink Dot, so that I wouldn't have to run around looking for pink accessories. Yay! I've got so few colors in the wardrobe. Refusing to add them unless they're gifts. More meaningful that way!

Decided to wear out the brooch sooner than June 2014. Quite a cheerful little piece that would go well with all the dull monotones in the wardrobe. Had to complement the day's outfit with the brooch. Dug out a box-bag that I haven't used in ages. It's a vintage Chanel. Supposed to be an evening bag I think. Not too sure about that. It opens from the top. Exactly like how a box would. With an old-fashioned clasp. Quite cool.

The bag is at an impressive (approximately) 30 years of age. Looks gently used. Imho, it's in mint condition. Slightly wrinkled of course. Nothing's tarnished; nothing's even torn, not a stitch loose in its signature quilted leather. Used to play with it as a kid, thought it looked stupid when it was given to me in my teens. Then now, I'm looking at it with a sort of nostalgic eye. Perhaps it's an age issue... More shocking, I possess the clothes to match it. Not sure if that's a good thing.


Yuling said...

LOVE your vintage bag. Mad mad love! And how cute is that brooch too! You look so good, babe!

imp said...

Y: Haven't decided if I love the bag! It's most unwieldy! Heh.

D said...

cute brooch and a cool vintage bag!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Love both the bag and the brooch!

But I see you more as a non-structured bag person these days though, I think!

imp said...

D: :)

corsage: i just used a slouchy bag today! heh. structured bags make me have to walk properly, sit properly, and perhaps even talk properly. :P