Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cassia For My Fix Of Chinese Food

Love the contemporary interpretation of Chinese food at Cassia. The kitchen makes the flavors lighter, more delicate, and use a lot less oil in the dishes. Best. I'm not particularly fond of traditional Chinese cuisine, not that keen on zi char, lard and its accompanying strong MSG (that's not to say restaurants aren't guilty of it), and not a fan of wok hei. I prefer a slightly different interpretation to say, the sauces, and the sort soya sauce used for steamed fish. For dunno-what reasons, Cassia is on my radar for the year simply because of how its kitchen interprets the dishes.

Made a date with the man to eat our fill at Cassia. There's no way I'm going to want to dine out at Chinese restaurants in London. Not even at Hakkasan. Enough. Unless we get dragged out to fulfil obligations, again. Bleah. And for nth time, please don't nobody tell me to go eat roast duck in London. (Or Bangkok) I bloody hate that duck.

The man can grab his friends to go eat his favorite beef brisket noodles in dodgy little stalls wherever. So that Wong Kei apparently didn't close down in June, and found a new lease of life. The man likes it. He can eat a few meals there while I head out with my girlfriends. Woot. What I'll crave for is sambal belado, sayur lodeh, and the sorts. Those, I'll get my fill of at all the Aunts' dining tables. Otherwise, I'm perfectly happy with a different range of choices in fillets of fish and hearty salads.


M. said...

Lol. Only Singaporeans will almost immediately mention Four Seasons duck when they know someone's going to London

imp said...

Yah lor.