Saturday, July 27, 2013

At Play

The girlfriend's interest in the cello ought to be encouraged and sustained. She likes it. Not as if she hasn't played it. She played it lots as a child, and somehow grew distant from it. Awesome that she picked it up again and is earnestly spending time with it because it makes her happy. Rather different mindset adopted when we don't have mothers screaming down our necks to 'practise practise practise'!

Went over to her home one afternoon and had a lovely time listening to her practise bowing. The piano was there of course. I hopped over to the piano to hear how the instruments sound together. The professional musicians of course make them sound so good; we're amateurs, so don't really know how to put them together nicely.

Grinned when I completely ignored the beat for an easy warm-up piece. Girfriend was most annoyed. Hahahha. Hey, I was trying to get notes right more than keeping time. Later on, we moved to something of her playing level. The score was meant for a violin-piano thing, and the girlfriend didn't even bother to transpose, and simply played from my part. Heh. Okay lah, the first round was terribly patchy. Eh, sight-reading leh, not my strength. The second round was fine.

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