Friday, July 26, 2013

Getting Over The Meat

Frustrated with the recent spate of allergic reactions to seemingly new triggers. The doctor has helpfully pointed out that age plays no factor in determining when allergies flare, although the very young and very old are susceptible. On the same day I had a full medical scheduled, I also arranged for an allergy test, along with vaccinations for flu and whatever else I might have missed out, including a chicken pox booster jab. Never had chicken pox in my life and don't intend to get that or shingles now.

Also, in the month before the medical, I reintroduced a lot of meat into the diet. The doctor and I wanted to see my test results as compared to last year and 2011 when I was on a strict diet of vegetables, fish and little shellfish. My body loved it. So this year, he wanted to toggle the results in comparison. It really annoyed me because I'm reminded how much I don't particularly like the taste of meat, especially CHICKEN and PORK. It's less about my opinions of food chain ethics than the fact that I don't like the flavors per se. Eating one whole beef burger, no matter how homemade or good they are, made my stomach churn all day. UGH.

It's quite funny that none of my friends commented anything about me quaffing a burger or a steak. I detected quizzical looks, but nothing else. Aiyah, love my friends lah. Not that I want anything said, but it's just swell of them to not ask me anything personal unless I choose to elaborate on it.

Now that the medical's over and done with, I can get back to my usual diet. Thank goodness.


Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I hope you found the allergy triggers! It must have been uncomfortable. Will chat more with you about allergies and diets when we meet!!

imp said...

we shall!