Thursday, July 25, 2013


The afternoon rains washed away the heat of the day and made for a cool evening at beautiful Bishan Park. Made for a nice little stroll. This meant that we could sit outdoors at GRUB, no need for air-conditioning. Hurrah! It's not easy to find the perfect combination of weather and humidity in order to comfortably hang out without breaking into a sweat.

The girls were like, what about mozzies??? Well, we're in the middle of a park with bodies of water. A little pond even. Of course there's going to be mozzies lah! The eatery has put out anti-mozzie gizmos, but nothing beats being prepared. I whipped out the mozzie patches. Heh. Citronella oil. Works like a charm. Proceeded to stick patches on the girls' clothes, and on the table legs, as well as leave the open packs lying around for reinforcement. Too used to the drill now, and I wouldn't even forget to remove these patches when I leave a venue. In addition, there was a tube of antiseptic cream in the car,

We arrived really early at 5.45pm. The eatery held a couple of tables, but was largely empty. Thank goodness. We knew about the queues that were minimally an hour's wait. We would never bother to do that, so we'd never turn up during weekends or peak dinner-time. I'd have skipped eating here if I couldn't find a slot to have an early meal. Luckily, today we had a quiet little table at the furthest corner. Ate and left before 8pm. There was a queue of 15 and it didn't feel right to linger, even over drinks.

The girls ordered a fair bit of food. Currently, GRUB's quite fixated on offering quality food at good prices. It certainly showed in the dishes that arrived at our table. Plenty of effort put into plating and presentation too. Monkfish was used for my crispy fish and chips. Cool. I like the chewy texture of monkfish. When served as a fillet, it occasionally reminds me of lobster. I wasn't particularly interested in the desserts. All desserts are too sweet for my tastebuds. The girls liked everything chocolate. 

I stuck to beer. GRUB offered bottled ales from Monteith's Brewing Company, but unfortunately, I didn't like it. The Summer Ale and Radler Bier were really light, like...spritzers. Would be refreshing at brunch though. Passed them to A who merrily drank them. Took the Heart of Darkness instead. That was quite decent, but also on the light side in terms of taste profile. I'm too used to Guinness, porters and oyster stouts lah.

PS: We had no mozzie bites. Wheeeeeee. Hoped our next table didn't hate the smell of citronella oil.


L Lee said...

I haven't been there though my 2.5 year old has! She loved it apparently!

imp said...

it's a wonderful space to run around in i think!