Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Steamed Fish

On some days that I'm actually at home between the hours of noon to 2pm, hunger does strike. There's a need to potter about in the kitchen to feed myself. No interest in giant meals.

Lunch at home consists of one medium-sized steamed fish, usually a local grouper. Nothing difficult. Chop a few uneven ugly pieces of ginger, place raw fish in the plate, drizzle soya sauce, and steam to whatever done-ness preferred. Didn't even need to clean the fish. Okay, to rinse it, yes. The trusty fishmonger have always sorted that out beautifully for me. No rice necessary, not today. The awesome saffron risotto from last night's dinner at No Menu hadn't even been fully digested.

It's so easy to organize that in some circles, this isn't even considered cooking.


D said...

yum! i wish we have fish fresh and good enough to steam like that regularly here. sigh.

imp said...