Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Finally Got To Cheese For Dessert

Had an insane craving for mac and cheese done well, and grilled lobster. The man got off work early. For whatever reasons, the friends were already having a drink in Sentosa. It's not a far drive, and can be quite painless to get to. To Saint Pierre it was.

Have always either had wine at the restaurant, or nothing alcoholic. This evening, we had earlier begun with whisky and wouldn't mind continuing if they had good ones. On evenings when I want whisky, meals are literally planned around the flavors. Made our desires known, and a trolley of enticing small batch bourbon and single malts arrived. My goodness, what a happy sight!

Eyes widened at the rather decent selection. Friends ditched the earlier thought-of wine and ordered the Laphroaig Quarter Cask. The man tried a few glasses of other exciting stuff. He's more into small batch bourbon than I am, and definitely has more adventurous tastebuds. I immediately picked out the Bowmore 18y.o. That's always my default single malt. Love it. It's dependable, peaty, lends complex layers and always holds a satisfying long finish.

Saint Pierre and Cassia are probably the biggest reasons why I bother to head out to Sentosa on a rather regular basis this year. For many intense reasons, I've not stepped into RWS and its food and beverage outlets or even for gigs, and I never will. Food at Saint Pierre has so far been consistent, and with its excellent service, I've not left disappointed yet.

Stuffed our faces full of food. We ordered almost everything on the menu. Appetizers, mains and even desserts. My mac and cheese was done perfectly al dente, and the lobster, beautiful, just the way I like.

The man merrily ordered a chocolate-something-cake for himself. He has learnt that I'd rarely share a dessert. Haha. The rest of the table didn't want sweets. They wanted cheese. That trolley of cheese was lovely, and we picked six familiar favorites to nibble on. Skipped the bread and crackers though. No more space for that. By the time the petit fours landed on the table, no one could eat another bite. But we tried. Couldn't bear to waste food.

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