Friday, July 12, 2013

Lunch With Y, Hurrah!

Can't even remember when was the last date without a little one in tow. It was with much glee that Y and I planned a lunch date before picking up Missy from school. What an unhurried lovely long chat with Y, uninterrupted. I got to have her all to myself! And I could hear her talk on end! Wheeeee!

Like I said, while I might like your kids, it's you, that I'm most concerned about, not what you do for your kids or their lives. At some point between the metamorphosis from a wailing newborn to a toddler, I imagine you gotta reclaim some of your personal identity. If you're telling me that you're all 'mom' and nothing else, then I guess we really don't have very much in common, and it'll be a friendship I don't know how to continue. Thankful that Y is still Y, and she isn't just accommodating me. :)

After that, we headed to a large enough venue for us to chill out and also occupy Lil'Missy. By that, it meant for her to run about upstairs, downstairs, indoors, outdoors. And the perennial favorite of 'Peek-A-Boo!' Luckily I wore them practical walking shoes.

Against better judgment, I agreed to the enthusiastic server's recommendation of two sets of tea nibbles since it was a 'two for the price of one' with an OCBC credit card and her declaration of "The portions are small!" When the tiered plates arrived, it did look manageable, except that Y and I were stuffed from lunch, and I'm not a sweets person. But no fear. Missy just finished school, and stated that she was hungry. She swept all nibbles.


Yuling said...

I should be the one saying hoorah! What a long awaited date. You have brought me much cheer and calm, you know! Hugs! :)

imp said...