Thursday, August 15, 2013

All Those Alcohol!

I already know my taste profiles for beers. Golden ales and its ilk are cool as a light drink. The Lakeland beers are quite beautiful that way. Tried many breweries' pale ales and the sorts. Some great, some mehhhh. Something about the water, again. All these beer festivals are now happening in London. Drink your fill.

My usual palate leans towards heavier beers. The stouts. The Guinness this near Ireland, is SO GOOD. Creamy. Like a dessert. Who needs cakes and all? A pint of Guinness is dessert for me. But the brews I'm fond of, come from BrewDog. Drooled over the countertop at BrewDog Bar in Camden. Their entire range of Paradox, which are mainly Imperial Stouts, is so heavy that it's perfect for just that one drink for the evening. All right, maybe two.

Loving the awesome range of beers at the pubs. But I can't do without my single malts. We grabbed a bottle of Glenmorangie 18 y.o for the trip, but variety is still needed. Quite happy to see the Oban 14y.o on the list of single malts at most restaurants and pubs. But wrinkled the nose at the prices. A £16 Oban 14y.o in London costs £9.50 in Cumbria, which is technically closer to Scotland. Tsk, London, your pricing can be surprisingly worse than Singapore bars. 

Gimme gimme gimme all these calories. Mmmm.

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