Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's Been Bright Sunshine!

The bright sunshine on this daily basis is making England much more cheerful than winter. Sure, it drizzled a little here and there, and out in Cumbria, it also rained. Back in London now, and while mornings can be grey, it usually opens up to blue slightly before noon.

Thought about it and threw two pairs of sunnies into the suitcases. I already keep like...two in London, for riding and sports lah. And being able to rotate them around like I'm at home makes it all that much better. Literally lived in Oakleys while scampering up the hills in Cumbria. In the city, I wear them just to feel a little more private amidst bustling streets. Summer and sunnies go together really well.

Haven't popped in during summer for years. Late summer is good. Perfect weather. Am making the most of it by spending most of my time outside of the city to enjoy the greenery, rocks, waters and trails. Sure, the city has its attractions, but it isn't always what I look for on a vacation. It doesn't feel very much different from loitering around in Singapore. Although the city is huge and there're corners I can hide away in, do the things I don't get to do at home. Still, I need the green and blue, sights that I don't get to see often.

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