Thursday, August 01, 2013

Hello England Summer

Best time to go boating, trekking and off-roading in Cumbria; riding, of course, and even made it to the exciting oyster festival in charming Whitstable where I lost the man for a couple of minutes in oyster baskets. :) Just nice that an article on Roads and Kingdoms popped up about English oysters. Made the man read it, since he can eat copious amounts of the cute little things. A most fascinating read- Oliver Bullough's 'To Live, the Oyster Must Die'.

Didn't expect to arrive in the middle of a 'heatwave' at 33°C. Well, that's a change from my usual 3°C. (BFF, if you're reading this, I hate your 'winter is coming' shite for my hair. I've to tie it up all the time outdoors!) I appreciate packing next to nothing in the suitcases. No comments about the heat. It's honestly, not that hot. Keep hydrated, pile on the moisturizer (low humidity, duhh) and don't hang out too long in the no a/c badly ventilated Tube. Home is Singapore where we average 31°C all year round, and like crazy people, some of us still hang out at full day music festivals in the blazing sun.

We popped up to the coast for a bit, and are heading northwest where the sun sets later and temperatures are lower than London's current. This heatwave shouldn't last long. Summer is so short that the sun is really enjoyable. What's more, early morning and late afternoon London sees a lot of wind coming through. Very nice to sit in the sun then. So England, you're going to be quite fine this August. Rather lovely in fact.


M. said...

have a good time imp!

sinlady said...

enjoy the rare English summer :)

imp said...

I will! Thanks!