Friday, August 02, 2013

'David Bowie Is'

Went to V & A Museum. There's a special little section on Memory- 'Sky Arts Ignition: Memory Palace'. Kinda retrospective and futuristic all at the same time, it draws inspiration from the work of writer Hari Kunzru, as brought to life by illustrators, graphic designers and typographers. Quite awesome. A fictional future London where a magnetic storm has wiped out most of the world's information infrastructure. That's the story. What was enjoyable was how these artists interpret that story into a walk-in experience utilizing all multi-media platforms. The viewer is sorta asked what is the one memory you might want to keep if that's all you're allowed to have. Actually, all the thoughts swirling in my mind were the episode summaries of Revolution and Continuum. Heeeeee.

Actually, the main purpose of this jaunt to V & A was to see its special exhibition on David Bowie. It's simply titled 'David Bowie is'. Hahahaha. Don't laugh lah. I like David Bowie can! Already watched Francis Whately's docufilm of Bowie- 'Five Years in the Making of an Icon'. He's kinda like a pop icon of my childhood, before my music tastes turned angsty.

Yah lah, I did little jigs around the exhibition space. I guess you gotta be a fan, sorta, before enjoying this exhibition. Otherwise, it can be a bit of a drag and feel like a walk down the lane to pat up someone's ego. It's all about David Bowie and his alter ego Ziggy Stardust. Lyrics, costumes, set designs, photos, videos, guitars, album artwork. All music, art, glamor and the celebrity. Did I mention that I like the terribly cheesy 'Wild Is The Wind'?


D said...

i like david bowie. but that's because he's MY era. haha.

imp said...

There's no way he isn't MY era either. Boo!