Saturday, August 03, 2013

Enough of Oysters

Quite like the mollusks of Lindisfarne and Jersey. Can't quite tell them apart in appearance though. But discernible in taste. Not the creamy sort. Briny. Quite appetizing, in moderation. I'm not supposed to be eating so many oysters, anyway. Popping a pill to eat them, is just eeeky.

Between Whitstable (got pretty coastal sights and oyster festival mah) and Londontown, I don't want to see another oyster on my plate, ever. Not the biggest fan of oysters to begin with. Don't mind a couple once in a while, but the past week was just...a gigantic overdose. Oysters, even at breakfast. ARRRRGGGH. Oysters in single malts, especially the heavily peated ones. There were many terrible bad puns about oyster shooters.

The man is a very happy camper though. He said that by next week, he wouldn't mind something warm in the form of a pot of beef, Guinness and oyster pie.


L Lee said...

Hoho, from the island that my name somewhat originates. Don't suppose you guys visited? I hope to, someday.

imp said...

Noooo! Doing northwest this trip.